20 Greatest Fighters of All Time (Light Heavyweight)

20 Greatest Fighters of All Time (Light Heavyweight)

As selected by the International Boxing Research Organization
in March 2005


 1. Archie Moore

 2. Ezzard Charles

 3. Sam Langford

 4. Gene Tunney

 5. Bob Foster

 6. Tommy Loughran

 7. Michael Spinks

 8. Bob Fitzsimmons

 9. Billy Conn

10. Roy Jones Jr.

11. Maxie Rosenbloom

12. John Henry Lewis

13. Harry Greb

14. Tommy Gibbons

15. Philadelphia Jack O’Brien

16. Jack Dillon

17. Harold Johnson

18. Jimmy Bivins

19. Georges Carpentier

20. Battling Levinsky


Just missing the cut: Jack Delaney, Kid McCoy, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Dwight Qawi, Joey Maxim, Joe Choynski, Kid Norfolk, Virgil Hill, Tommy Burns, and Tiger Jack Fox.


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